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Welcome to mindshifts.co network

Network you will thrive on. Learning you will lean on.

Welcome to mindshifts.co network

mindshifts.co network is a platform created for like-minded individuals to come together, share, learn, and thrive.

While we have just launched it in Jan 2021, it is intended to be a network of supportive individuals, who will show up for each other, lend perspectives, and mobilize learning and growth. 

We hope to evolve it to a network of diverse individuals, and create a safe space for everyone to gather, share and go after their ambition with confidence.

Meet your host...

Preeti Kurani

Preeti Kurani is an Executive and Leadership Development and Empowered Mindset Coach. 

Passionate about improving outcomes for organizations, leaders, teams, and employees, she partners with them to provide focused and pragmatic guidance, facilitate learning and competency development, and evoke internal transformation and external shifts.

She brings 20+ years experience as an entrepreneur, business leader, sales enabler, and global team leader, working in large global MNCs, regional enterprises, local SMEs and start-ups; deep awareness of working across cultures - Asians, Americans, English, Europeans, South Africans; and ability to understand organizational context and pre-empt challenges having worked alongside the board and executive leadership, and with mid-management and frontline.

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